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Making a User-Centric Pet Care Platform

Addressing the challenge of creating a seamless experience for pet owners to schedule vet visits, obtain prescriptions, find the nearest doctor in emergencies, and shop for their pets.

My Role

UX &UI Design 



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📱 Iphone X.png

Tools Used 


The company & team

Mindbowser is a product engineering compnny involved in developing technological innovations in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical domains.

Working as a solo designer on the team I performed:-

- Information Architecture  

- Market Research

- Defining visual language

- User flows 

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- Wireframing & Prototyping  

-  Competitor Analysis


Pet Owners Struggle with Managing Healthcare Needs for Their Pets

Pet owners face significant challenges in managing their pets' healthcare needs. They require a seamless way to schedule vet visits, obtain prescriptions, find the nearest doctor during emergencies, and shop for their pets.

The primary challenge is to design an integrated platform that simplifies these processes, enhancing the overall pet care experience.

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A mobile based platform designed to streamline  pet healthcare management.

Along with the ux design lead to guide and 2 developers I designed the structure (information architecture and user flows) and user experience (design systems and screens). The GoodPetsRX platform ensures pet owners can efficiently manage all aspects of their pets' healthcare needs, providing a seamless and integrated user experience.


How did I design the final product ?

Initially, I did not know much about Healthcare domain  :(

Just like any other person outside the domain of pharmaceuticals - I also had endless questions like these.
I defined my design process, starting with answering these questions.

What are the essential aspects

What are the current practices

What challenges need to be addressed

Who are the key users & where do they need it most?


I started with understanding the user requirements

I conducted subject matter interviews  to understand the “whys” behind the 3 major problems that were described to me initially. Additioally to undertand the users, painpoints and thier needs.

Group 1884.png
Group 1885.png

Key observations:

Complicated Scheduling Processes

Lack of Real-time Communication

Inefficient Methods

Pet owners face challenges in scheduling vet appointments, which often require calling clinics and waiting for responses. 

Pet owners lack a real-time communication medium, causing delays in addressing health concerns and emergencies.

Pet owners struggle with managing prescriptions, finding nearby doctors during emergencies, etc

Redefining the problem based on user research

Manual and fragmented processes burden pet care management. Pet owners need to individually manage vet appointments, prescription refills, emergency contacts, and shopping for pet supplies. The lack of a unified platform results in inefficiencies and delays, impacting the overall care and well-being of pets.

Test results and medical records are often scattered, making it challenging for pet owners to quickly access and manage important information during emergencies or regular health check-ups.


Existing products address some of the pain points, but no single product solves them all

To understand the current landscape, I analyzed technologies used in veterinary scheduling and pet healthcare services based on these key factors:

Appointment scheduling

Emergency Assistance

Prescription & pet health history


Requirements that the products failed to provide


Emergency assistance​


Product availability integration


Real-time emergency assistance


Comprehensive scheduling system


User friendly interface


Real-time emergency assistance


Comprehensive scheduling system


Integrated prescription management


Design goals into action

A few rounds of discussions with the UX Lead and client heads regarding the features, requirements, technical capabilities, and constraints happened, which inspired the user flow & architecture

Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 2.43.13 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 2.48.40 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 3.14.22 PM.png


Structuring the ideas for designs and databases

Group 1948 1.png
Group 1976.png


With opportunities in hand - there were a few considerations as I started designing the screens:

Users can add multiple pets to their profile. 

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📱 Iphone X.png
📱 Iphone X.png

Displaying detailed vet profiles with ratings and reviews builds trust and helps users make informed decisions.

Simplified appointment booking with detailed visit reasons and time slots improves the user experience

📱 Iphone X.png
📱 Iphone X.png
📱 Iphone X.png

Clear & reassuring wait times

screen allows users to easily find and book appointments with their preferred specialists, including options to filter by speciality and mark favorites for quick access.

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📱 Iphone X.png
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These designs are approved - under development & have already started is making an impact

Product scaling 

Thanks to the initial prototype's success, GoodPetsRX is scaling this solution to address various modules and processes for real-time pet health monitoring.

Faster Processes

Testing the wireframes showed a 30% reduction in task completion time, cutting down from 6 hours of manual work to 3 hours with our automated processes.

Thank You For Reading :)

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