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Enhancing User Engagement and Conversion: 

A UX Success Story at Peepultree Ventures

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Mindbowser - GoodpetsRx

Designing for Accessibility and Efficiency:

Creating a User-Centered Mobile App for pet

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Mindbowser - Opyrus

Crafting Connections: Designing an Intuitive Neumorphic Writing Platform

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World of Webinar - Case Study

Designing the Future: Virtual Events in a Post-COVID World

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Smart India Hackathon 2020

Farmers Hill 

Conquering the Depths: Accurate Estimation of Valles Marineris' Topography Using ISRO’s Mars Color Camera Imagery

Revitalizing Farmers Hill design for an organic wholefoods mobile app

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A Week of me

Personal Project - Illustrations made on Figma

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