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Peepultree Ventures 

Enhancing User engagement that celebrates India's creativity and  handmade creations.

The primary challenge was to design a user-friendly e-commerce platform that effectively showcases the creativity and handmade creations of India while providing an immersive experience for a global audience.


My Role

Assistant Manager User Experience 

📱 Iphone X.png
📱 Iphone X.png



Tools Used 


My team and role at Peepultree

Peepultree is a Mumbai-based startup that celebrates creativity and handmade creations of India. I had the opportunity to work with a super talented team of 7 members .

Group 1974.png

Working as a solo designer on the team I performed:-

- UX Design Validation

- Market Research

- Brainstorming

- Defining visual language

- User flows 

- Hi-fi prototypes 

- Journey Mapping

- Voice of customers


Consumers seek authentic, handcrafted products that reflect rich cultural heritage and unique craftsmanship.

The challenge was to cater to a growing demand for traditional and culturally significant artisanal products while ensuring easy accessibility and a seamless shopping experience for customers.

This market trend opened up significant opportunities for Peepultree to bridge the gap between skilled artisans and a global audience, tapping into the niche market of culturally conscious and quality-focused shoppers.


We introduced an integrated e-commerce platform with a custom front end and Shopify backend to enhance user experience and streamline shopping...

In collaboration with my team, I did research and market analysis, endless brainstorming, creating a design system with interactive prototypes over many sleepless nights, and “you are doing great” type of client presentations, I designed an experience in the eccomerce market from scratch.

📱 Iphone X.png
📱 Iphone X.png

...and our users loved these products.


accounts created in the first month after the launch

55% to 40%

reduction in bounce rate via A/B testing

20s to 1m

Increase in session length after improvements


By asking questions and discovering their answers is how we got to the final product.  


Understanding consumer preferences for handcrafted products

Co-founders say...

We have observed that customers highly value authenticity and cultural heritage in the products they purchase. Many are specifically looking for unique, handcrafted items that tell a story and reflect traditional craftsmanship.

Consumers say...

We want to feel a connection to the products we buy, knowing they are authentic and crafted with care. Having detailed information about the artisans & the cultural significance of the items enhances our shopping experience.


Is the current market satisfying our user needs?

To understand the market gaps and opportunities, I researched various applications and extracted the top applications for review.

Personalized shopping experience

Interactive and engaging elements 

Feedback highlighted the market gaps 

Limited Product Range

Users felt the platform lacked a diverse selection of artisanal and handcrafted products from various cultural backgrounds.

Inadequate Personalization

The platform lacked options for personalized recommendations and tailored shopping experiences.

Lack of community engagement

The platform did not have features that fostered interaction & engagement among users & artisans.


And we saw it as our business opportunities...


How might we provide a more, personal, unique & interactive experience


How might we provide a more, personal, unique & interactive experience


How might we support  artisans and local communities


Listing down ideas

Due to limited time, we empathized with the users by stepping into their shoes. Each team member at Peepultree had experience purchasing artisanal and handcrafted products online, so we leveraged our personal insights and expectations to brainstorm and list potential improvements.

We jotted down  the ideas we had for improving the user's experience:

Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 3.35_edited.png
Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 7.46_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 4.03.13 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 7.45.03 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 7.43.25 PM.png


Adding personalization & engagement features to the User flow

make your own_.png
make your own_.png
make your own_.png


Various kind of filters to make customisation easy for users

Content Highlight 

Audio is at center for quickest access , it gives the gist of story/article.

Content Highlight 

Ticket is clearly visible to draw attention

And we found our one for all solution


Peepultree communicates product requirements to artisans.


Product journey 

prod page_.png
order summary_.png
shop with video_.png


Discovery via geography & timeline

discover via geo_.png
discover via geo_.png


LHI Vertical

on click particular event)_.png
Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 2.33.13 PM.png


And clients liked what we produced...


accounts created in the first month after the launch

55% to 40%

reduction in bounce rate via A/B testing

20s to 1m

Increase in session length after improvements

Thank You For Reading :)

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